Gert de Pagter

Service Workers

Gertde PagterProgramming, Technology

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a term that has been thrown around quite a lot lately. But what exactly is a PWA? And how do we update our plain old website to be a cool hip PWA? Together we will explore how we can go from our current website to a full-fledged PWA. We will learn a thing or two about service workers, the offline web, and cross-browser compatibility.

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Martin Roest

Example mapping

MartinRoestProgramming, Technology

In this article I want to talk about the use of behavior driven development (BDD) frameworks. BDD Frameworks let you create executable specifications which you can use for automated testing and documentation.
Popular frameworks include
Cucumber, Behat, Behave, etc.
They all implement
Gherkin as a specification language.

If you have never heard of BDD or you have never played with BDD frameworks before then please go read the Cucumber documentation website and learn how it can help you in developing software.

At Ibuildings we do not practice BDD a lot. But we do use Behat in most projects. We do believe that projects benefit from BDD, but the required collaboration with the customer is often difficult to achieve. Tom talked about this challenge in his article about Gherkin.

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Wessel van der Linden

Content Security Policies

Wesselvan der Linden Programming, Technology

A couple of days ago I was at the Dutch PHP Conference where I went to a talk about Content Security Policies by Matt Brunt. Although we follow the OWASP top ten list, I never dived into them that much. We have written a bit about them before, but I want to go a little further since they are really handy when trying to prevent XSS attacks.

Even though most websites use battle-tested frameworks and libraries which automatically escape XSS, it is still number 7 in the OWASP top ten list. Also big companies like Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo still suffer from XSS from time to time. So we may conclude that it is hard to create a bulletproof defense against it. But if you have a good content security policy implemented you will make it extra hard (if not impossible) for attackers to inject harmful code into your websites.

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Blijf zelf de baas over cruciale bedrijfssoftware


Man met sleutelOm te focussen op kernactiviteiten weten organisaties vaak heel goed welke taken zij zelf moeten doen of kunnen uitbesteden. Maar zodra het gaat over de software die dezelfde corebusiness ondersteunt, wordt daar opvallend genoeg minder rechtlijnig over gedacht. Mijn advies? Sta voor die kernfunctionaliteit eens goed stil bij het houderschap en eigenaarschap en behoud zelf de regie over je bedrijfskritische software.

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Wordt het maatwerk, standaardsoftware of de ideale mix?


Bureaublad met tabletNu organisaties steeds vaker bewust de omslag maken van ‘business’ naar ‘online business’ worden webapplicaties en ander software steeds meer bepalend voor hun succes. Bij de keuze tussen ‘maatwerk- of  standaardsoftware’ wordt een mixvorm steeds interessanter, maar hoe vind je de perfecte balans? Focus daarvoor op je kernfunctionaliteit.

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