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Working with Git workflow in Bamboo and BitBucket

  • oktober 12, 2016

Bamboo and BitBucket are both Atlassian products. They work together nicely and you don't have a lot of configuration to do, so they’re perfect for a lot of developers. For developers using the Gitflow workflow, things can be better though. One of the most controversial features is pull request building, which Bamboo doesn’t offer out of the box. CI tools like Travis offer integration for gitflow right away, including pull request building. But what if you want to stick with the Atlassian suite for all your tasks? How can we build pull requests and show their status in BitBucket?


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Why write tests?

  • augustus 19, 2016

The world of "software testing" is quite a confusing one and it takes several years to understand what's going on and how to do things "right". In no particular order:

  • Developers use different words for different types of tests, but also for different types of test doubles.
  • Developers are looking to achieve widely varying goals by writing tests.
  • Developers have divergent views on the cost of writing and maintaining a test suite.
  • Developers don't agree on when to test software (before, during, after writing the code).
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Looking back at DPC16

  • juli 4, 2016

At Ibuildings we had been anticipating DPC 2016 for quite some time. Our internal DPC crew rebooted in January, starting with an update of the website and a mailing to announce that the Call for Papers was open again. We received about 350 proposals, which we narrowed down to 55 talks and 11 tutorials. It seems we made a good selection of talks, since many people complained that it was hard to pick the right talk to watch, given there are 5 parallel talks at any time...

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NCrafts Conference report

  • mei 13, 2016

Last week I've been attending, and speaking at, the NCrafts conference in Paris. It was a great conference, which had many talks to offer on wide-ranging topics that should make any software craftsman/craftswomen quite happy. Below you will find some remarks, summaries, notes, etc. related to the talks I visited on the first day of the conference.

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DPC: About the tutorial day

  • april 19, 2016

Last time I blogged about DPC, we were still waiting for some speakers to confirm their presence. Now I can tell you that the schedule is complete (with some of the more recent additions: Sara Goleman with talks on HHVM extensions and types, and Christopher Pitt on functional programming and automation). Don't forget to buy your tickets - Early Bird prices are available until April 22nd!

Now it's time to shine a bit more light on the tutorial day, right before the main conference days (on June 23rd). We have made quite a broad selection of topics:

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Secure Development Anti-Pattern: Failure to separate resource from user

Netflix is cool with you sharing your account

Hey, guess what, as someone in charge of corporate security for a web development shop, I am not cool with this. I am like totally not cool with this.

I'm not talking about you sharing your personal Netflix account with friends and family (that may not be as security savy as you are). I'm talking about building systems that tightly couple user and resource or charge for additional accounts, thereby encouraging the user to share his or her credentials!

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Drupal 8: display user login in admin theme

Do you want your websites users to log in? For certain types you would, but often there is no need. The Ibuildings website does not allow you to register an account and log in. Why would it?

However by default Drupal 8 (and earlier) considers logging in on /user part of the frontend theme. This means that either you have to theme it or accept a horribly broken login page.

Or you could convince Drupal to apply the admin theme to user pages.

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Greg Young & Ross Tuck - keynote speakers at the Dutch PHP Conference

  • april 11, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we announced the schedule for the Dutch PHP Conference. I already mentioned that we have a great selection of experienced speakers as well as many speakers who are less familiar with the conference stage but are eager (and ready) to take it. At the main conference days we have 5 tracks packed with interesting talks. At the beginning of the first day and at the end of the second day we'll have a keynote. Let me briefly introduce the keynote speakers to you now!

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Building the schedule for DPC

  • maart 15, 2016

It's been a great honor to receive a total of 350 talk and tutorial proposals for the 10th edition of our annual Dutch PHP Conference. Proposals covered a wide range of topics. Many talk proposals had been submitted by experienced speakers, some by absolute beginners. A number of speakers seems to have proven their skills at local meetups and are now ready to take the stage on a conference like DPC, where there might be a 100 or up to 220 people listening to you.

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Drupal Security Lessons: XSS in field_display_label

This is the first blog post in what will hopefully become a new series where we look at old Drupal 7 & 8 security advisories (at least 3 months ago so they should be patched everywhere) and try to learn from the mistakes of others.

As a first post I'd like to pick an older vulnerability, one I've used in presentations to demonstrate how hard it can be to properly apply HTML encoding for Drupal.

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