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DPC: About the Code Night

Matthias Noback DPC

As you may know, this year's Dutch PHP Conference will again take place in Amsterdam in a well-known convention centre called "RAI". At the end of the Tutorial Day we will head back to the centre of town for the second edition of the Code Night...

What is this "Code Night"?

For the Code Night we invite open source project maintainers to sit down and work on their project. People who want to participate in an open source project can help discuss new features, write some code, tests or documentation.

The Code Night is a community event. It's a co-production of AmsterdamPHP and DPC. This means the doors are open for anybody who's interested!

The Code Night will take place on June 23rd in Rockstart, Herengracht 182, Amsterdam. The evening starts at 18:30 and there will be food and drinks for you.

Where do I sign up?

  • If you are going to DPC, make sure you select "Code Night" on the order form.
  • If you have bought your ticket already but forgot to sign up for the Code Night, please send an email to
  • If you don't go to DPC, then you need to sign up on AmsterdamPHP's meetup page.

I'm an open source maintainer!

If you work on open source software and would like to participate as such: let us know! Please send an email to