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Ten considerations for taking a web business to the mobile market

Episode: 2012 - 10 
Sam de Freyssinet
Business owners have woken up to the reality that the web is increasingly consumed on the move. Product owners are demanding new mobile sites that must be released yesterday! You manage an established online business, now you need to move into the mobile market. How do you take your existing business into a mobile domain? Does the entirety of your current business model need to exist in the mobile environment? Or is there a killer mobile app hidden within your existing product? This talk will walk through ten considerations that you must make when moving your online business to a mobile audience. Using a case study from a web startup transitioning to the mobile market, we take a guided tour through the challenges encountered and how you can avoid them in your business.Throughout this session, we will examine the finer points of the mobile development process we wished we had considered in advance. Learn how the user experience evolved beyond the initial business requirements through prototypes and testing. Discover how the legacy architecture was not suitable for mobile operations and the big infrastructure decisions that resulted. Witness our decision making process that led to the final solutions.Laid bare in this talk is the entire mobile development process as we experienced it, distilled down to ten useful pointers for you to take away. If you want to have access to the full Dutch PHP Conference & Dutch Mobile Conference content before the official releases you can subscribe to our iTunes podcasts.